Application Management Services

application-management-servicesSupport Features
GIT’s SAP Application Maintenance support features — methodologies, services and tools forged from years of success – keep your SAP implementation running seamlessly and without breaks. Strict implementation of SLAs ensure that uptime is maintained at all costs.

SAP Certified
Mission-Critical Support

  • All business-critical processes are supported on a 24/7/365 basis
  • Immediate resolution based on SLA
  • Reduced unplanned downtimes to ensure continuous and effective business performance

Standard Application & Quality Management

  • ASAP methodology supports cost-effective and prompt implementation of services
  • Run SAP methodology optimizes the implementation and ongoing management of end-to-end solutions
  • End-to-end support standards and best practices, streamlines projects, simplify and optimize end-to-end operations and reduce total cost of ownership for SAP solutions

Technical Quality Checks

  • Covers SAP Critical alert, GoLive for version and major upgrades, OS/DB migration check, etc.
  • Preempt/resolve top-issues and de-escalate critical situations throughout implementation, projects and maintenance
  • Reduce time and budget for implementation and innovation
  • Improve system performance, availability, stability and data consistency
  • Proactively mitigate risks

SAP Solution manager/application lifecycle management

  • Built-in documentation assistant for central documentation of processes, system landscape, custom code and partner applications
  • Integrated service desk, root-cause analysis, central monitoring, automated alert system, end-user experience monitoring and change-control management
  • ITIL-based standardized and integrated application life-cycle management

SLA-bound production down support

  • Support advisory center main interface between, customer, partner and SAP (24/7)
  • Root-cause analysis for priority 1 messages (very high), and production down times (24/7)
  • Service desk integrated with E2E root-cause analysis for handing all SAP tickets (24/7)
  • SAP application maintenance support (24/7)