SAP Public Sector


Public Sector is an area which is synonymous with too much data and too little information.

Citizens are at a loss to understand ways and means to find out, generate, categorize and analyze data available to them.

Public Sectors are on the verge of accepting new technologies like Cloud computing to enable better access to data and information across various divisions of their organizations.

Channelized information flow is possible in these sectors using pertinent SAP technologies and solutions

Government regulations and compliances is a key requirement in such entities. SAP’s state-of-the-art solutions enable compliance while adhering to the norms of the government and regular compliance bodies.

GIT has extensive knowledge of and expertise in SAP CRM product suite and can ensure SAP customers maximise the return on their CRM investment.

Specifically, we can assist the Local authorities in the following areas:

  • Building the business case and the need for a SAP CRM solution
  • Managing the CRM project implementation project lifecycle
  • Generating the blueprint through to realisation and post release support
  • Project management of CRM upgrades
  • Analyzing the impact on customer service and integration with CRM solutions.