Staff Augmentation


Global Information Technology, Inc. (GIT) was established in 1995 to meet the continued demand for qualified IT Developers, DBA’s, Project Managers and Architects. Currently, GIT has over 450 consultants working with Fortune 100 clients in the US, Canada and Europe.

Global Information Technology, Inc. stands out against the other IT staffing vendors with multiple IT staffing agencies world-wide with the best-qualified candidates for the client’s IT requirements. GIT specializes in trained and qualified personnel in the field of SAP who have rich experience in their respective specializations.

GIT has SAP specialists working in companies in different spheres including – SAP-ABAP, SAP-HANA, BO among others. They work in multiple industries providing their expertise in the related fields. GIT has over 100 SAP-BO consultants on its payrolls till date.

Each recruiter is specialized to enable skill sets to better concentrate on your IT requirement. Our recruiters have several years’ experience in recruiting for the skill sets they work on. This saves our clients time and money who get highly qualified candidates quickly.

Global Information Technology, Inc. (GIT) and its subsidiaries (Virgo, Inc. and Isync Solutions, Inc.) have been helping many leading corporations in the US, Canada and Europe to fulfil their contract staffing needs. Be it SAP, Oracle, Business Objects, Teradata, DotNET, Java, C++, C# etc., GIT can provide you the best fit consultants at a minimum turnaround time and within your budget for your contract requirements.

Each of GIT’s staffing agencies specialize in certain technology skill sets. In doing this, our recruiters are specialist in their field and thoroughly understand the skills sets needed by our clients. This gives us better control and quicker access to the most qualified candidates available in the market. This gives our clients the best-qualified candidates in the market for their positions in a 24-hour turn around.